Holiday Festive Cards For Wintertime Greetings

$ 12.00

do you merry???? holidays?? fight the war on kringlemas??? espress your festive sentiment with these limit edition BIRB FESTIVE CARBS. with a jingletime drawing of me (bird the hansome) in a santaman hat. 

6x4 inchworms. thick card stock (I tested by diving board off it). pecks of 5 and pecks of 10. Comes with envelopes for enveloping.

Priority temportarily not availibible unil after holidays because i have to eat a lot of fruit cake. Shipping may take longer because of holidays and squirrel interloper conspiracy. 

Option for holiday UH OH EMERGENCY 3 DAY USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING (+$3.41) (USA only i sorry)****, otherwise is free ship first class parcel (~4-7 day for inside USA,  slower during holdidayses) 

****if you order other item with the festive cards at this priority box shipping EVERYTHING WILL GO IN WITH IT so you can get the gift same time as cards. 

********3 birdness days (Monsday through Friesday)

***********p.s i am great

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