$ 5.00

do you vacation? visit bird wonders of the world?? send a greeting to your pal?????  

Order normal postcard (as see in photo) or SELECT MESSAGE FROM BIRD option (+$1) for receive a PERSONALIZED BEAK WRITTEN MESSAGE FROM YOUR HERO BIRB. Either write instruction on order form or I will write whatever is on my mind such as "these bread are nice let me write a poem about it..."  ectectertas.

These birdiful postcard are 4"x6" made of PURE postcard material 16pt glossy-on-front (to show of my hansome face doing a vacation) and matte on back (for write of the good message like "hello I'm in France all the birbs speak the franch here").

Poscards come in envelope unless requesrsted otherwise. 

*****beakcaws the custersmized postcarbs is written with using my beak (which I'm also use to eat dortitos) it can take 1-2 week to airraive! I will do my birdest to done as many potscards as fast as prossible but sometimes my beak cramp up and I gotta sooth it wit coolranch dortitos*****

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